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About Us

Shenzhen M.Eagle Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-end technology enterprise in LED, LCD display terminal equipment, which integrated with R&D, production, marketing, and after-sales service. Shenzhen M.Eagle was established in 2009. It consists of two subsidiaries. There is an elite team of more than 300 people, a factory of 3,000 square meters and an international advanced production line. M.Eagle has been leaded in front of the industry, with the characteristics of LED industry clusters, which are showed from the perspective of investment, technical level, manufacturing equipment, production scale, and completeness of the industrial chain.


M.Eagle has imported the original LCD of Samsung, LG and other internationally renowned brands to create high-quality products and services. At the same time, we five highlights: First, it has a relatively complete vertical LED, splicing screen industry chain; Second, it has a number of core patents; Third, the introduction of Taiwan, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other cutting-edge technologies; Fourth, the key steps to occupy the market; Fifth, rapid growth, strong development momentum, and sales for three consecutive years doubled.

Since the establishment of M.Eagle brand, the company has successfully transformed itself from security LCD splicing project manufacturers to brands with technology and research and development as the leading factor. Its business scope extends from the security industry to entertainment, transportation, and business. Adhering to the "we are focus, so we are professional" spirit of enterprise and "robust, trustworthy, timing, overpower, dedication" of the enterprise will, from small to large, and gradually grow into a leader in the domestic liquid crystal display terminal industry.

Our constant pursuit is continuously to provide for users with satisfactory and practical display products. Nowadays, we have different product series which includes  LED display, LCD splicing screen, explosion-proof TV, LCD touch screen, multimedia advertising machine and so on. And we have been independent researched and developed of the multimedia information release system which has been used in various of government units, star hotels, entertainment venues, shopping malls, airports.  We are proud to serve our consumers with first-class product quality and excellent technical services.

On "creating value for partners"

We believe that customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees are all partners and partners who cooperate with themselves. Only by making efforts to create value for partners can we realize their value and develop and succeed.

On "honesty, tolerance, innovation, service"

We believe that good faith is the basis of all cooperation, tolerance is the prerequisite for solving problems, innovation is the tool for developing the cause, and service is the root of value creation.