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Corporate (LCD Video wall solution)

2019-04-08 08:49:56 154

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The rapid development of information technology has changed the traditional working mode in most fields. Globalized and volatile markets, multi-party cooperation and competition, increasingly complex internal management, and response to urgent and effective communication. Communication has become the key to the survival and development of modern enterprises. Only effective communication can improve efficiency and increase market response speed.

The modern conference system can achieve flexible and diverse face-to-face communication and communication across the space distance, and bring economic benefits to the users while improving the efficiency of the department and the competitiveness of the enterprise. 


The modern video conferencing LCD video wall system utilizes large-screen display technology, multi-screen image processing and network communication technology to form a video conferencing system. It overcome the limitations of traditional conferences in time and space, and can be used in different locations. Performed in real time, interactively, or selectively. Its unique humanized design and face-to-face interactive functions effectively compensate for the shortcomings of traditional conferences. 


Modern video conferencing LCD video wall has the below advantages:

1. The multi-screen display function can display moving images of multiple remote sites at the same time on the large screen, and the venue feels obvious;

2. Digital processing, output high-definition display, no interference on the screen, no data loss;

3. Support a variety of signal acquisition and processing. The advanced image processing function can realize the presentation of the conference site and the remote presentation PPT and data report at the same time.

4. Support live recording, digital video recording, storage and playback functions

5. Intelligent power management to ensure system stability, continuous operation, and ensure the smooth convening of the conference