Entertainment (LCD Videowall solution)

2023-06-05 13:51:24 203

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As a place for interpersonal interaction, the bar is one of the focal points of environment and interpersonal communication.

In response to the demand characteristics of large-screen display systems in industries such as bar entertainment clubs, and in combination with the actual application needs of users, M.EAGLE provides users with a set of advanced technology display system, perfect functions, stable performance, safe and reliable, and easy operation.

The entertainment display system solution provided by M.EAGLE is a combination of display technology, multi-screen image processing, signal switching, network, centralized control, etc., to form a high-definition, high-brightness and highly intelligent display control technology.


M.EAGLE's LCD video wall is suitable to apply at bars, clubs, KTV, concerts and other entertainment places.


Bar entertainment LCD video wall has the advantages as below:

1, There is a variety of display modes, support multiple sets of display platform synchronous display, and support any cross-screen, windowing.

2. Multi signal acquisition interface, support multiple signal access, unified acquisition, unified management, simple and convenient operation, adapt to various application methods.

3, Being modular in design, it is simple for upgrading and convenient maintenance.

4, The intelligent power management ensure system stability, continuous long-term uninterrupted operation, to ensure the effectiveness of control.

5, The system is support for tablet, mobile phone management terminal, wireless operation in real-time control.

6. User-friendly design with simple operation interface, providing users with a convenient, secure, reliable and scalable comprehensive management platform.