Security monitoring centre (LCD video wall solution)

2023-06-05 13:51:24 148

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With the rapid development of economic level and science and technology, people are increasingly demanding security and prevention, and the use of high-tech means to prevent and stop crime has become a consensus in the security field. Especially in the judicial, banking, communications, postal savings, electricity, and now with the increase in entertainment, Internet cafes, shopping malls and other places, the establishment of a networked alarm system will play a huge role in preventing and stopping crime and maintaining social stability.

With the popularization and application of computers, the rapid development of network communication technology and image compression processing technology, the use of the latest computer, communication, image processing technology, digital image transmission through network lines, can provide efficient and feasible and low-cost solution for remote image monitoring.



M.EAGLE provides a monitoring centre display system solution that combines image monitoring and recording, multi-screen image processing technology, and signal switching, network, and centralized control technology to form a high-definition, high-brightness and highly intelligent display control technology. The use of advanced equipment and software tools to ensure that the system technology is up to-date, and can adapt to future development trends.



M.EAGLE security LCD video wall is suitable for government agencies, commercial buildings, monitoring centres of enterprises, institutions, etc..



Security monitoring LCD video wall system has the following advantages:

1. Compatibility of front-end equipment: standard decoding specification protocol, support decoding access of network cameras of mainstream manufacturers, and the standard ports support access of traditional analogy monitoring systems.

2. Classification of the signal source grouping: For the characteristics of many monitoring points and large monitoring range, the input video signals are grouped and classified, which is convenient for management person to manage the security of the area.

3, A variety of display modes: support multiple sets of display platform synchronization display, and support any cross-screen, windowing, roaming, overlay of the screen.

5, APP and PC control mixed management, support multiple platform working, and support permissions and multi-user control technology.

6, Intelligent power management, to ensure system stability, continuous long-term uninterrupted operation, to ensure the continuity of system operation.