• Entertainment (LCD Videowall solution)

    OverviewAs a place for interpersonal interaction, the bar is one of the focal points of environment and interpersonal communication. The bar design should convey a kind of information based on the spa

    2023/06/05 203

  • Stadium LED Videowall solution

    OverviewThe versatile modern gymnasium can be used not only for various sports competitions, but also for large-scale literary events and gatherings. Therefore, the display content requirements of the

    2023/06/05 133

  • Satellite technology and research centre ( LCD Video wall solution)

    OverviewNowadays, there are various control rooms, command centers, and centralized control centers play an important role in various fields such as public security command, traffic supervision and ma

    2023/06/05 191

  • Exhibition (LCD video wall display solution)

    OverviewWith the rapid growth of social information, the demand for information visualization has also expanded dramatically, and the realization of high-end visualization has become more and more dif

    2023/06/05 282

  • Business Advertising Display (Indoor / Outdoor LED video wall display)

    1. Application OverviewAs a custom die-cast aluminum box design, the LED display is the most important feature of light, thin and fast installation. The cabinet is light and thin, can be quickly

    2023/06/05 168

  • Security monitoring centre (LCD video wall solution)

    OverviewWith the rapid development of economic level and science and technology, people are increasingly demanding security and prevention, and the use of high-tech means to prevent and stop crime has

    2023/06/05 148

  • Corporate (LCD Video wall solution)

    OverviewThe rapid development of information technology has changed the traditional working mode in most fields. Globalized and volatile markets, multi-party cooperation and competition, increasingly

    2023/06/05 126

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