Stadium LED Videowall solution

2023-06-05 13:51:24 133

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The versatile modern gymnasium can be used not only for various sports competitions, but also for large-scale literary events and gatherings. Therefore, the display content requirements of the display screen can be summarized as rich, diverse and real-time. With the continuous development and improvement of LED display application technology, LED display has become an essential supporting facility for modern sports venues.  LED sets can add and extra special feel to your event



The entertainment display system solution provided by M.EAGLE is a combination of display technology, multi-screen image processing, signal switching, network, centralized control, etc., to form a high-definition, high-brightness. Our range of robust and reliable modular LED Screens are perfect for all indoor or outdoor events that require a big screen. With the latest LED technology, they look clear and brilliant under bright stage & camera lighting, or in direct sunlight.



Exhibition LED video wall has the advantages as below:

· Waterproof effect, IP65 protection level, so that the display can continue working for you in rainy weather.

· With a refresh rate of up to 6800Hz, it meets the needs of dynamic shooting on the sports field, effectively avoiding flicker during shooting.

Lightweight, silent, easy to install LED panels suited to installing into sets big and small screen