Satellite technology and research centre ( LCD Video wall solution)

2023-06-05 13:51:24 191

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Nowadays, there are various control rooms, command centres, and centralized control centres play an important role in various fields such as public security command, traffic supervision and management, military operational command and training, industrial production dispatching centres and telecommunications network management, etc..

The main purpose of the LCD display wall in a control room is to provide operators or control room users with true situational awareness and a common operating picture where information from real-time sources such as computers, video, networked applications, CCTV or security cameras, etc., may be simultaneously shown and shared.


The command centre display system solution provided by M.EAGLE integrates display technology, multi-screen image processing, signal switching, network, centralized control, etc. to form an intelligent display control with the high definition and high brightness. .


Command monitoring LCD video wall has the advantages as below:

1. Multiple display modes, support multi-group display platform for synchronous display, and support any cross-screen, windowing, roaming, superimposing of the screen, suitable for various command display modes, which is convenient for users to understand the scene situation intuitively and quickly to make a command decision.

2. Rich signal acquisition interface, support multiple signal access, unified acquisition, unified management, simple and convenient operation, adapt to various application methods.

3. Support high-resolution output, electronic map and other applications; realize rapid and preliminary synthesis of various emergency scene information, to make the  command decision or suggestions, and improve decision-making time and quality.

4. The intelligent power management, which is to ensure system stability, continuous long-term uninterrupted operation, to ensure the effectiveness of control.

5. The system is support for pad, mobile phone management terminal, wireless operation, scene management, and multiple devices real-time control.

6. User-friendly design with simple operation interface, providing users with a convenient, secure, reliable and scalable comprehensive management platform.